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Artificial Grass FAQ

Where can I buy SmartGrass?
A full range of quality synthetic grass products is available direct from SmartGrass.

Phone us on 1800 SMART G (1800 762 784).
Can I install SmartGrass myself?
Yes, for basic instructions simply request "Install Instructions". Overall, it really isn't that difficult to install Synthetic Grass, it's similar to doing some landscaping yourself. Since most of us don't care to do our own landscaping (or even paint our own homes for that matter) we recommend that you have a Trained Professional SmartGrass Dealer perform your installation for you.

  • Install-it-yourself or;
  • Have it Installed by one of our Trained Professional Dealers.
Phone us on 1800 SMART G (1800 762 784) and we can recommend an installer in your area or view our website and go to Contact Us to view dealers in your area. Jims Mowing are also accredited SmartGrass Installers. Should you wish to use your own installer, most local landscapers can assist you with your installation by following our easy Installation Instructions that come with each grass order.
How can I pay for my order?
SmartGrass accepts many major credit cards. Cheques are also accepted.

For more information, phone us on 1800 SMART G (1800 762 784).
How much does SmartGrass cost?
Prices for different styles vary starting from $35.00 per square metre for the material itself. There are also installation costs which will vary but remember that it's more economically efficient to use synthetic grass instead of real grass.

Depending on your local area circumstances (costs of: turf, irrigation, mowing, chemicals, watering, and fertilising) payback periods of SmartGrass average 3-8 years, compared to that of real grass.
Where can SmartGrass be installed?
What holds the Grass down?
The grass's own weight will usually be enough (approx 2kg per sq m), but some infill is required to help the fibres stand up naturally to help prevent "matting", and this infill will additionally assist in weighing the grass down so it doesn't shift or move. A combination of sand and rubber infill seems to be the most popular. Many prefer the "soft" feel of rubber granule infill for where use is greatest, and sand infill (it's less expensive) for those lawn areas less frequently used.

SmartGrass recommends approx. 20kgs per square metre as an effective infill amount.
How is SmartGrass different from other synthetic Grass?
Our Artificial Grass fibres have been manufactured to resemble real grass. The grass fibres have been curled and spring-set to help prevent "matting" over time. The fibre component consists of UV protected "polyethylene," which is the softest fibre component in the industry. There has been extensive research and development to get these advanced fibres to the point they are today.

Please refer to the section labelled "Technical" for additional specification sheets.
How long will my SmartGrass last, does it withstand outdoor environments and will it fade?
SmartGrass is assembled using the finest UV treated polyethylene, water resistant fibres.

SmartGrass carries a 7 year limited warranty against fading and sun damage.
Is SmartGrass maintenance free?
When was the last time you owned something that was totally "maintenance free"?

SmartGrass is "hassle-free".

How do you keep your SmartGrass clean?
Leaves, Pets, etc...

It's simple, just like regular grass. Use a rake or blower to clean up the leaves. To remove animal faeces, you can just scoop it up and wash the area with a garden hose, just like you should with real grass. Urine flows through just like rainwater. SmartGrass actually makes a great dog run area!
What happens when it rains or snows?
During the manufacturing process, our SmartGrass can be specifically perforated with holes engineered to accommodate the normal drainage requirements of rainstorms and snowstorms. The water simply drains through the small drainage holes into the Earth. The sand and rubber infill will help to absorb and hold the water which will eventually drain through. During heavy rains some water will run off the top of the surface just as it would with natural grass or dirt. This actually is a big advantage over natural grass, since the infill will allow for evaporation, while the perforated holes allow for vertical drainage.
Mould & Flammability?
Generally speaking, SmartGrass is much less flammable than live natural grass (and many times less flammable than dead natural grass). The sand and rubber infill also helps to prevent a fire from spreading, and can often extinguish a fire.
Natural grass will support the growth of mould more than synthetic grass.
Why should I install a SmartGrass lawn?
Real grass lawns are not only expensive, but they require irrigation and weekly maintenance, such as: mowing, watering, fertilising, thatching, weeding, edging, chemical pesticides, and winter over-seeding. Artificial Grass installations save you these expenses and hassles!
Can SmartGrass be sculptured around walkways, pools, plants, or trees?
Yes, just like real turf grass.
What size or shape can the SmartGrass be constructed?
Just about any size or shape can be easily constructed.
Can you walk on the SmartGrass?
Yes, of course, just like any real grass yard. Our special shock absorbing backing, coupled with the spring action memory designed fibre, makes our SmartGrass surface very resilient. Our fibres are strong, smooth, soft, and forgiving.
Can your kids play on the SmartGrass?
Yes, just like a real lawn, but whether the grass is real or synthetic, a tumble or fall will be just like a real lawn. Safety when children are playing should be everyone's first concern.
Is SmartGrass the same style synthetic grass that you see installed on patios, as indoor outdoor carpet?
No, absolutely not. Indoor outdoor grass is usually installed as a glue down on a cement pad and their fibres are short and not very dense. This style of grass does not look very realistic, it is shiny and does not last very long in hostile climates.

Our product looks like real grass!!!
Artificial turf soccer pitch
Artificial grass soccer pitch.
SmartGrass provide Artificial Turf solutions Australia wide. Call 1800 762 784