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Applications for SmartGrass Synthetic Grass or Artificial Grass

Imagine your backyard, front yard, school playground, school recreation area, sports area, council reserve, street scaping, hockey, soccer or cricket pitch, golf course, lawn bowls, tennis, netball or basketball courts transformed into an area which can be utilised by you, your students or your sporting club.

Transform those wastelands, those dry unused playing fields, those time demanding backyards, those barren ugly council wastelands into usable, aesthetically pleasing areas with our Artificial Grass installation.

We use state of the art technology to ensure our Synthetic Grass maintains its quality. UV protection is used while making the polyethylene yarn fibres so that they are not affected by the harsh Australian sun. Using this technology within the polyethylene fibres the extruded yarn is stitched onto a synthetic rubberised backing sheet. With the latest advances in technology and continuing research the days of grass burns from Artificial Grass and Synthetic Grass are a thing of the past.

Depending on the application, many varieties of the yarn and backing material are made so that Artificial Grass as a finished product can be used for a variety of applications.

With any Artificial Grass installation, correct surface preparation is critical to the final outcome. Our installations utilise all correct engineering procedures to ensure the highest quality installation and finish of your Synthetic Grass project.

Water harvesting, fall parameters, concrete curbing, site preparation, site compaction, site fencing and lighting are all second nature to our team.

Once you have installed your Synthetic Grass maintenance is a fraction of the cost and time you spent on traditional natural grass surfaces. Regular sweeping and addition of sand or rubber infill will help maintain your artificial grass surface for years to come.

We have a program in place for the maintenance of larger artificial grass commercial projects.

We have the people and equipment needed to install your Synthetic Grass from the smallest residential installation to the largest commercial project.

In conclusion, when it comes to Artificial Grass, think of us, the Australian owned solution for your synthetic grass project

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