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Artificial Grass for Tennis

SmartGrass offers an envious range of tennis products for Today's Australian market.

SmartGrass supplies a range of synthetic surfaces designed for differing performance requirements inthe vast world of tennis. Our aim is to not complicate the client; so we have taken advice from a 30 year veteran of synthetic tennis courts to model our product range. There isn't much we can't provide.

Among many appearance and colour variations, SmartGrass offers players benefit from a surefooted surface that not only delivers excellent traction, but true shock absorbancy. Longevity is also critically important; and our proven products yarn will definitely please Clubs and Councils alike.

Newly improved drainage characteristics mean that your SmartGrass tennis surface will have much higher contact hours and potentially more income from rental.

With an array of stitch rates; structures and fibre compositions, SmartGrass is your tennis ace!!!

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Click on Tennis Sales Manual to view a pdf file of our manual.

Artificial grass for Tennis
Artificial grass for Tennis.
SmartGrass provide Artificial Turf solutions Australia wide. Call 1800 762 784