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Synthetic Turf World Trends

Synthetic Turf, Artificial Grass, Fake Grass, Faux Grasse, call it by any name but know there is a worldwide revolution when it comes to use of synthetic grasses.

From residential applications to schools, corporate applications and sports stadiums as a premium playing surface, synthetic grass is taking the world by storm.

Environmentally it saves from so many angles, including, maintenance through watering, fertilising, mowing and weeding. It is able to be used all year round and provides a constant, durable, aesthetically pleasing surface.

In terms of playing grounds you can play match after match on it, the surface is realistic and with the methods of construction with a variety of sub bases and infill materials available it promotes safety and constancy.

Water harvesting techniques can also be employed so that the area can be used as a water collection device.

In Europe, America, South America, Asia and Great Britain the commercial viability of synthetic grass installations is beyond question.

SmartGrass offers a range of synthetic surfaces to fulfil every need. Our product is thoroughly tested and approved and we are proud to offer a limited 7 year warranty.

World trends in synthetic grass
Synthetic turf world trends.
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