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Artificial Grass for Bowls

SmartGrass has 2 products they are offering to our bowls clients.

SmartGrass MasterPro+

The product allows an equal standard of playoff either hand and in any direction. The green allows for a variety of speeds to be attained by simple maintenance methods. Normal maintenance, while absolutely necessary is relatively simple and can be carried out by a qualified greens keeper or an enthusiastic club member.

MasterPro+ represents the financial saviour of many bowling clubs. The increased bowling time caters for more than double the membership over a 12 - month period.

SmartGrass DrvMax-

A revolution in synthetic lawn bowls. No tensioning or stretching needed. Soft under foot. Zero water requirements needed for play. Variable speed between 14 and 16 seconds. Fully Australian Owned with a fantastic life span.

Contact SmartGrass directly for a no obligation consultation and an exclusive Bowls Sales Manual.

Artificial grass for Bowls
Artificial grass for Bowls.
SmartGrass provide Artificial Grass solutions Australia wide. Call 1800 762 784