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Artificial Grass for Cricket

SmartGrass has 4 cricket products on the market currently:

  • SmartGrass 'Academy'
  • SmartGrass 'Grade'
  • SmartGrass 'Shield'
  • SmartGrass 'Test'

Our premium products have three pile height options offering a superb alternative to natural grass.

From perfect wickets that suits batters and bowlers alike to products that fast bowlers will be able to extract some cut off the seam of the wicket whilst the spinners will be able to get some purchase on the wicket; we aim to cater for all needs. Our products can even assure batsmen of an even speed and bounce and can confidently go about playing all their shots off both front and back feet. SmartGrass can even provide you with a product that has a more condensed stitch rate coupled with a higher carpet pile height (12mm) that has a slowing effect on the ball. The slower bowlers are able to obtain more cut or seem and the spinners are able to extract more purchase and spin off the wicket.

Whether you are a cricket club; school or Council, SmartGrass has the cricket product for your requirements.

Contact SmartGrass directly for a no obligation consultation and an exclusive Cricket Sales Manual.

Artificial Grass for cricket
Artificial Grass for cricket.
SmartGrass provide Synthetic Turf solutions Australia wide. Call 1800 762 784