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The Geelong Region

10 Dec 2010
Full Article in Geelong Advertiser

THE Geelong region is slowly catching up to the chronic need for new and improved soccer facilities.

Barwon Soccer Club last night unveiled its new synthetic pitch, right at a time when many local clubs have outgrown their current outdated facilities.

The all-weather surface will be used primarily by the club's under-7 and under-11 sides, reducing wear and tear on the club's overused main ground.

The new facility is a small step forward for the region, with many clubs bursting at the seams trying to cater for the sky-high popularity of the world game.

Junior numbers in Geelong grew 10 per cent alone over the past year.

Damningly, some clubs have turned away players due to their limited infrastructure that has long been neglected in the funding war with other sports.

The club has no women's change rooms and no showers for referees, who are forced to wash with the players.

"There's more kids playing soccer than any sport in Australia and I think it's time people started looking at it that way," Rangers president Paul Millar said.

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