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SmartGrass Construction Process

1 - Soil Test

Prior to commencement of any large scale synthetic grass surface, a soil test is required. The results of the soil test will enable us to assess the best method of base construction to ensure that the final surface will not only provide the best possible result but will provide a long lasting trouble free installation. The results of the soil test will enable our engineers to design the best method of base construction and will provide vital information for designing methods of drainage.

Artificial turf soil testing
2 - Engineering Design

SmartGrass have built many synthetic turf surfaces in Melbourne and across Australia. The engineers report is crucial to the final outcome and is an integral part of our construction model.
Environmental Impact Studies & Council Applications:

  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Construction
  • Maintenence Costs - fencing, lighting surface
Artificial grass engineering design
3 - Site Preparation / Earthworks

The suitable preparation of your synthetic grass site is the most important aspect of the construction process. When preparing a site there can be many unforseen situations. With the number of projects SmartGrass have completed we have the knowledge experience and expertise to overcome most situations.
Our state of the art equipment, machinery and expert personnel, ensure that the site is suitably prepared to the most rigid engineering specifications. Preparation, compaction and base preparation are all critical elements in the construction of your syntetic surface.

Synthetic grass site preparation
4 - Laser Levelling

Throughout the site preparation laser levelling is carried out to ensure the surface being prepared and constructed will be in strict adherence to engineering specifications and designs. Laser Levelling is absolutely critical to the final outcome. SmartGrass has all the equipment and qualified staff to ensure your surface will be levelled according to designs to ensure the best possible finish.

Synthetic turf laser levelling
5 - Base Construction

Land, engineering, soil and final use all dictate which base, the depth of base, level of compaction and drainage will give the best result and provide the most suitable method of construction to ensure your synthetic grass installation will not only have the best final result but will give you a product which will last and requirem minimum maintenance.

Artificial grass base construction
6 - Fencing

Different surfaces have different applications and need to be separated with suitable fencing structures. The overall final site can also be fenced. Design of final fencing is taken into account in base preparation, sub base drainage installation, electrical wiring conduits and any other base preparation which may effect final fencing supports. Fencing is available in a wide range of heights, colours and finishes and is designed to ensure the best possible final result for your installation.

Artificial turf fencing
7 - Lighting

Synthetic Turf Surface Lighting.
Depending on the surface and the application SmartGrass can provide full lighting diagrammatics, recommend and install the correct lighting to suit all purposes. Tennis Courts, Hockey Fields, Soccer fields, AFL Ground, Bowling Surfaces, Golf Practise facilities, Entertainment areas, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure lighting meets Australian standard requirements for LUX (Luminosity) standards. Lighting can also cause environmental issues with native areas and neighbours so we take all steps to ensure all standards and guidelines, bylaws and installation requirements are adhered to.

Artificial grass base construction
8 - Surface

SmartGrass has the knowledge and experience to ensure the correct surface is installed for your specific application. The range and quality of surfaces available through SmartGrass ensure that the final installation will meet your requirements.

Synthetic turf laser levelling