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Artificial Grass for Rugby

SmartGrass 55mm 'Rugby' achieved its IRB (International Rugby Board) laboratory certification in 2006; uniquely without the requirement of a shockpad. A contributing factor to this achievement is due to the product incredibly thick and heavy stitch rate which is designed to maximize player comfort in what is recognised as one of the harshest pitch based sports in the world. At 55mm long and weighing in at more than 3.4kg's per m2; it truly sets the benchmark for Rugby worldwide.

Since that time we have included some more exclusive Rugby_products to our fold including shorter pile products used upon our SmartGrass shockpad.

With the hands on capacity of offering in-house installation, construction and ongoing service support and the comfort of a manufacturer's product warranty; SmartGrass aims to be your one-stop Rugby surfacing solution.

At SmartGrass our Rugby motto is "Play the game they play in heaven on the surface that feels like heaven-SmartGrass"

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Artificial grass for Rugby
Artificial grass for Rugby.
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