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Synthetic Grass Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Program is so effective, that we feel confident enough in it to offer a warranty for all of our services. We provide a 7 year product workmanship warranty on any SmartGrass landscapes we install and maintain. Warranties do not cover items; situations or factors beyond our control, such as wear.

Quality Assurance Program

SmartGrass believes that quality control is an essential key to be successful and we endeavour to always satisfy the customer. The following Quality Assurance Program has been developed over the past fifteen years and has been proven to meet our high standards, and ensures a consistently high level of service, and a well executed landscape management program. SmartGrass is manufactured under Quality Assured Manufacturing Standards (ISO 9001:2000) and provides industry tested and endorsed systems to the market.


  • Our multi phase hiring process ensures qualified employees with long term goals.
  • New employees receive training certification prior to job placement and all employees attend. monthly continuing education meetings.
  • Excellent employee retention results from good salaries and benefits.

Organizational Structure

  • Each work crew has a Team Leader which is responsible for the completion of work by all team members.
  • Team Leaders are overseen by a Site Supervisor which is responsible for daily scheduling and weekly site inspections.
  • A Production Manager oversees the Site Supervisor and assists with Scheduling and also performs quality control inspections monthly.

Quality Control Reporting

  • Daily work logs are kept to identify completed work and assist in scheduling return visit needs.
  • Site Supervisors and Production Managers utilize "Site Evaluation Reports" during each site inspection. These reports are kept in the production office and are used to instruct the Team Leaders of items that need addressed in future site visits.
  • "Site Status Reports" are utilized as a communication tool between the production Managers and the customer. The reports offer information regarding the condition of the site, and suggestions for improvement.
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on-call direct access.
  • Regularly scheduled, frequent site inspections designed to evaluate the quality of our work and our adherence to prescribed programs, as well as to recognize and report any potential concerns.
  • Routine reporting of ongoing issues. According to the needs and desires of the property managers with whom we work.
  • Preparation and submission of landscape repair and/or enhancement proposals.

Briefly, the management holds certain views on Certified Quality Assurance, as follows:

Should SmartGrass operate its company similar to some competitors it most definitely would be monitoring its performance via a certified quality assurance program.

The company management, are hands on managers of the operation and therefore all works which the company produces reflect directly on the integrity and personality of Frank and Cam.

Where workmanship standards are concerned, the management believe that the responsibility to achieve the best quality is the responsibility of the on-site foreman or trades person personally responsible for producing the product.

It is believed, that in its present state, the Quality Assurance Program overlooks the personal understanding and ramifications which wrongful on site decision making can affect the total outcome.

Since SmartGrass have adopted a policy of making all employees responsible, the standard of workmanship has improved dramatically.

In support for other areas of quality control, it is believed by the management and employees that all company members should be held accountable for their actions.

The principles of 'Duty of Care' to clients and work mates are vigorously supported and applied by all.

All things associated with Quality Assurance are 'works in progress' and will never be satisfied.

Synthetic Grass quality assurance
SmartGrass offers quality assurance.
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