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SmartGrass Safety Policy

SmartGrass is a medium sized contracting business that prides itself in quality, safe work, completed on time to the satisfaction of the client.

As part of our commitment to Occupational Health and Safety, this Safe Work Policy and Safety Management Program, documents the occupational health and safety policies and program. It reaffirms the high value we place on quality processes and our commitment to Safety in the workplace and for maintaining an environmentally friendly and healthy, safe workplace.

SmartGrass acknowledges its fundamental obligation to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment so as to control risks to its employees, contractors and the public.

SmartGrass will ensure compliance with its legal obligations (both statutory and common law "duty of care") in achieving and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

SmartGrass will conduct its operations in accordance with its designated Safety Management Plan.

SmartGrass acknowledges the need for consultation and co-operation with its employees and sub-contractors in identifying and resolving Occupational Health and Safety issues. Employees in turn will co-operate and assist SmartGrass in achieving the aims of this policy.

SmartGrass will ensure that sub-contractors comply with its OHS Policies.


SmartGrass recognises its obligation to take all reasonable precautions and Duty of Care to provide and maintain, so far as practicable, an environment that is safe and without risks to health for contractors and general public and as such has a solid commitment to OHS.

All subcontractors will comply with SmartGrass OHS Polices and Procedures.

It understands that all work should only be performed with reference to the following:

  • A clear understanding of the task at hand
  • All contractors Hazard Identification Risk Analysis (HIRA) to ensure all possible hazards are identified and considered including: - Noise - Material handling - Confined space - Overhead obstacles or power - Underground services
  • All operators have a full appreciation of the appropriate Job Safety Analysis
  • All contractors demonstrate their knowledge to identify the safest and most appropriate equipment to complete the task
  • All operators have the approved licences, competence and experience to operate the appropriate machinery and equipment as noted in OHS (Plant) Reg 1995, Reg. 716
  • All plant and Equipment used by contractors is Safe and in good order with a clearly documented maintenance schedule to ensure the equipment is safe and suitable for use in accordance with manufactures specifications.
  • Observe and implement relevant statutory requirements
  • Ensure that situations or work practices which are unsafe or harmful are reported immediately to the supervisor of the staff member or student, so that corrective action can be taken
  • Encourage each person in the workplace to regard accident prevention as an individual responsibility
  • Require that every accident in the workplace is reported and, where appropriate investigated, and ensure any action necessary to reduce further risk is implemented
  • Establish procedures to minimise the risk of harmful effects of fire, explosion, radiation, biological hazards and chemical release and ensure these procedures are regularly monitored
  • Maintain (in the workplace) proper control of harmful substances (i.e. chemicals, radiation, fire hazards, biological hazards etc.), air pollution and noise.
  • Ensure that machines and equipment are maintained in safe condition and that necessary personal protective devices are available in the workplace
  • Post clearly visible signs and notices as required
  • Independent Contractors employed by SmartGrass come within the category of SmartGrass staff for the purposes of this policy

Click on Safety Policy to view our PDF safety policy document.

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