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Rubber/Acrylic Surfaces

Smartpave Sporting Surface Systems

SmartPave Sporting Surface Systems provide a highly durable, all weather sporting surface with excellent abrasion resistance and uniform texture. Manufactured from selected premium 100% acrylic resins, light stable oxide pigments and proven reinforcing powders assure maximum U.V. resistance to provide years of non-fade life. The specialised resins used in the production of SmartPave provide excellent scuff resistance in both wet and dry conditions. The SmartPave surface system for asphalt bases comprises two (2) applications of Filler Coat and at least one (1) application of SmartPave Top Coat. Ball bounce on SmartPave is completely true and ball speed can be varied by the application technique of the qualified contractor.


Early water resistance. Dries rapidly. Excellent adhesion. Excellent scuff resistance (in wet and dry). Provides positive traction. Is easily cleaned. Remains flexible. Provides true ball bounce and controlled ball speed.

Typical uses:

Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Outdoor Play Areas, Volleyball Courts, Multi-purpose Sport Courts.

Surfact Preparation:

NEW ASPHALT SURFACES - A tight, uniform and even surface is required to avoid the need for additional applications of Filler Coat. New asphalt surfaces shall be allowed to cure for a minimum of 10 days before the application of the SmartPave System. The surface finish shall be thoroughly cleaned to remove all loose dirt, dust, oil, grease, leaves and other debris. The surface shall be flooded with water to check for low areas. Minor depressions up to 3mm may be levelled using undiluted Filler Coat applied by steel trowel/squeegee or a combination of both. Deeper depressions and minor surface cracks shall be filled with Resurfacer blend. Refer technical data sheet on Resurfacer for further details.

PREVIOUSLY COATED ASPHALT SURFACES - Surface preparation requirements are similar to those stated above for new asphalt. The surface Shall be thoroughly cleaned and leveled. Existing cracks shall be cleaned and filled with Flexi-Fill. Existing line markings applied using an oil-based paint shall be removed.

With a full time staff of over 20 and teams of subcontractors who work under direct supervision and adhering to strict quality control standards we are proud to claim that we provide the Total Solution to your Acrylic Surfacing requirements.

SmartPave has been operating now for over 15 years and with teams of dedicated experienced installers who have the knowledge to ensure your acrylic surface project will be completed to the highest standard ensuring your school has years of trouble free low maintenance which students can enjoy year round.

SmartPave Sporting Surface Systems

  • All Weather Surface
  • Non Glare
  • Long Lasting
  • Proven Color Fastness
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Low Maintenance
  • Sure Confident Player Footing
  • Less Stress on Muscles and Joints
  • Uniform Feel Under Foot
  • Permanently Resilient
  • All Weather Temperature Stability
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