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Synthetic Grass for AFL Football

Whilst no agreeable standard for playing surfaces for 'Community Level' has been officially signed off upon by the AFL as yet; SmartGrass was one of only three commissioned companies to provide suitable products for testing by the AFL to Ballarat University School of Human Movement and Sport Sciences.

You can download a copy of the findings in the following document:
Development of Standards for the use of Artificial Turf for Australian Football and Cricket.

The results were incredibly encouraging for SmartGrass.

Criteria for the artificial turf has now been developed after the University of Ballarat research project, jointly funded by the AFL, Cricket Australia, the Victorian State Government and the football industry insurer JLT Trustees.

"Together with State AND Local Governments both AFL and Cricket Australia will now look at the business side of delivering artificial fields for the Australian Rules game. This will include the appropriate accreditation of products and ongoing maintenance regimes to ensure we get maximum usability from any investments made."

In addition to the technical criteria the installation of any product will have to meet safe environmental standards for all infill and base products. Such products must be recyclable to Australian Standards.

Meanwhile; Schools and community groups around the country have recognized the high standards expected by the AFL and are choosing SmartGrass for their junior Australians Rules Ovals; especially when it is underpinned by their value add accompaniments.

SmartGrass recognize that Australian Rules Football fields will play a considerable part in their business future and will therefore make every effort to satisfy your highest demands in terms of quality; price and suitability.

Contact SmartGrass directly for a no obligation consultation and an exclusive Australian Rules Football Sales Manual.

Synthetic grass for AFL football
Synthetic grass for AFL football.
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