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Synthetic Turf Council Projects

Synthetic Turf and Acrylic Surfaces are a great benefit in our communities.

Local Government and State Government have a variety of needs and applications which lend themselves to SmartGrass installaions.

Benefits include:

  • Savings in mowing
  • Savings for pesticide application
  • Environmental benefits
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Community recreation areas
  • Community gathering points
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low maintenance in drought conditions
  • Drainage systems installed

No matter what application, SmartGrass has the team, expertise and knowledge to offer fantastic synthetic turf and acrylic surface solutions in a multitude of local and state government applications. To find out more please call 1800 762 784.

Synthetic grass for councils
Synthetic grass for councils, great for communities.
SmartGrass provide Artificial Grass solutions Australia wide. Call 1800 762 784